James Warhola

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James Warhola is an artist whose career has careened out of control for almost 40 years. At first he got into the sci-fi & fantasy thing illustrating the covers of about 300 covers. Heinlein approved of his covers such as Stranger in a Strange Land as well as did William Gibson for his cyperpunk classic, Neuromancer. A detour at Mad Magazine has kept him going as one of the usual gang of idiots for well over….  I forget but they keep calling….and yes, they still put out a magazine. As for some fun stuff he worked for another gang at Topps Bubblegum… doing what else, but garbage as in Garbage Pail Kids. That helped get his ticket out of the city but unfortunately he still asked to sign those dam cards. For all of this harm that James has done to the kiddie mind he’s tried to make some amends by doing children’s picture books for a better cause… at least about 50 at last count. Unlike all of the other stuff it pays a royalty so an artist can finally get a little smidgen of a reward for a job well done. In fact he still gets one for books like Bubba the Cowboy Prince (they like it in Texas) and Uncle Andy’s about that crazy Pop-artist uncle of his. Of recent he tries to make art for art’s sake and maybe for some rich people though he still likes the idea of art for the masses. He has had shows in Prague, Istanbul, Chengdu and Tokyo. Next one this September in of all places, Bratislava. He can be reached at JamesWarhola.com

James Warhola photo © Alvintrusty